Happy New Year! Cash-Cattle Trade is Up! And More…


This has been a year of genuine forward momentum for the American Wagyu Association under the leadership of Ralph Valdez, President.

We would like to take this opportunity to send warmest wishes to you and your Wagyu family for a prosperous, healthy and memorable year.


Boding well for 2011 is the following news, reported in the Beef Cow-Calf Weekly and from QuinStar Radio in Oklahoma (http://tinyurl.com/2ey6cko):

(In cash-cattle trade) for the second week in a row, the trend was up —sharply up.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association reports in its daily recap of cattle prices that 17,612 cattle sold for $107 Wednesday, $3 higher than last week and easily the high of the year. In fact, the only prices that have been reported higher were a smaller number of cattle in the fall of 2003 at $110.

Meanwhile, fed cattle fetched $106 in Kansas on an estimated volume of 40,000 and fed cattle sold in Nebraska at $106 as well.

The price strength continued into the wholesale market, as boxed-beef prices finished strong on Wednesday. Choice beef finished at $162.82, up $1.55. Select beef was up $1.67 at $156.44. USDA reported weekly net export sales of beef were 17,700 mt.

Market watchers say tight supplies of market-ready cattle and higher beef prices encouraged the higher prices.


Our final note of the year –

There are currently 21 “recognized breeds of cattle” represented at the National Western Stock Show held in Denver every January. There are ten breeds of livestock {other than cattle} including Bison, Goat, Llama, Alpaca, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Dogs, Swine and Yak.

The National Western Stock Show is self-described as:

The Super Bowl of Stock Shows! The World’s Largest!

The 21 recognized cattle breeds are: Angus, Braunvieh, Charolais, Chianina, Galloways, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Highland, Limousin, Longhorn, Lowline, Maine-Anjou, Minature Hereford, Piedmontese, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Salers, Shorthorn, Simmental,  South Devon and Tarentaise.

There is one breed of cattle that is missing from this list.


In 2011, with your help and support, the work necessary to make Wagyu the 22nd officially recognized breed at NWSS can begin in earnest.


Warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!

And may 2011 be the best year ever for all!

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