Nutrients Are Essential Heading Into The Spring Calving Season

According to Drovers: Requirements for pregnant and lactating cows can present quite a challenge for operators but are very important to the well-being of the cow and to reproductive efficiency. Because factors such as cow size, environment and stage of production can change daily, a cow’s nutritional needs are constantly fluctuating. Most of these changes are rather small, and long-term nutritional programs will assist in managing these subtle issues.

The required energy levels are the most variable, followed by protein, mineral and vitamin. Energy is important for all biological systems. Maintenance, weight gain, reproduction and milk production are all a product of energy utilization in the beef cow. TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) is the term used for the measurement of energy (calories) converted to pounds or percentage of the diet. Proteins provide for functions such as enzyme systems, muscles, nerves and soft tissues.

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