Cold, Wet and Muddy Conditions can Contribute to Scours

Drovers Magazine and Website are outstanding sources of information. They have recently published numerous stories about prevention of scours and care of calves afflicted by this disease. They are important articles for producers of all breeds.

For example, “Prevention Should be Primary Focus With Calf Scours” was just published. You can read the entire article here:

“Maintaining Cattle Health in Harsh Winter Months” is another recent article. Go here to read the article:

“Iowa State Veterinarian Offers Guidelines for Tackling Calf Scours” is another. Read the article here:

“Baby Calf Health: Can We Stop Scours?” is here:

“Baby Calf Health: Scours – Nutritional Factors”:

“Calf Health: Effect of Scours on Calf Weaning Weight” is here:

Print these out and read them at your leisure. Important information especially for this time of year.

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