Japan to introduce DNA tests to check origin of beef

The Japanese farm ministry has decided to introduce DNA tests to check whether beef has been produced in Japan or overseas starting as early as fiscal 2011 following the development of a testing method by a research team in Kobe, a ministry official said Sunday. It is the first method to use DNA to determine the origin of beef, according to Kobe University professor Hideyuki Mannen who led the research team.

The team conducted research on cows bred in Japan as well as Australia and the United States, two of the biggest beef exporters to Japan, and took note of different DNA patterns. After trying out the new testing method on 400 Japanese cows, 278 Australian cows and 107 American cows, the team was able to get 100 percent accurate results in differentiating them, it said.

Read the entire story: http://tiny.cc/6i8hi

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